Director’s Message

This year’s (2017) work consisted mainly of efforts to clean up and arrange regular and adequate grounds maintenance on the four cemeteries under our care: Reading Burial Ground, Slacktown Cemetery, Haypress Cemetery, and Swackhammer church yard. These efforts were successful. All four sites are now out of danger of being overgrown due a lack of maintenance. A significant amount of financial resources was expended in the acquisition of the Howell Graveyard by Stockton Borough which, fortunately, is near completion. We also were able to repair several damaged and broken headstones, rebuild a wall section, and remove several trees from the four sites. At the Swackhammer, we leveled and cleared the ground around the church ruins providing a safer parking area for visitors and volunteers. While all this great work improved the historic value of these sites, it has left us with a budget crisis. Next year we will concentrate on solving the fund raising challenge as well as take on the Howell graveyard.

David R. Reading