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Searches for any partial or full surname
Searches for any partial or full first name
Surname Forename Birth Deathsort descending Age Age (y.m.d) Burial Date Comment Relation Section Lot Row Grave Burial Cemetery
Runyan Spencer 1852 son of Oakley Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Bell Mary J. Hunter Allerton Methodist Church Yard
Bell James C. 1914 Allerton Methodist Church Yard
Hulsizer Linda Ann 23-Aug-52 Bloomsbury Presbyterian Church Yard
Bell George E. Allerton Methodist Church Yard
Blackburn Jane C 10 Jul 1833 Clinton Baptist Church Yard
Snowden Susan A 1834 Clinton Baptist Church Yard
Young Landis Dalrymple 17 Nov 1881 Bloomsbury Presbyterian Church Yard
Stout Macy wife of Andrew Mires Mount Salem Methodist Church Yard
Schindler Rachel 1909 Clinton Baptist Church Yard
Sherman Thomas B 1855 Norton Methodist Epsicopal Church Yard-2
Rothery Stella S Clinton Baptist Church Yard
Smith Peter R Bloomsbury Presbyterian Church Yard
Godown Jonathan Everittstown Methodist Cemetery
Merrick Charlotte A 1834 Evergreen Cemetery-South
Lennard William T 23 Dec 1844 St. Thomas Episcopal Church Yard
Sine Sarah A 1842 wife of Charles W Norton Methodist Epsicopal Church Yard-2
Pinto Sandy 1943 Clinton Baptist Church Yard
Wilson Jennie 18 May 1855 Bloomsbury Presbyterian Church Yard
Mattis Ruth Emma 3-Jun-26 Clinton Baptist Church Yard
Madison Frank Clinton Baptist Church Yard
Hance Elias S 16 Jul 1849 son of Susan & Abraham Bloomsbury Presbyterian Church Yard
Powell Eliza B Runkle Family Burying Ground
Rutan Elizabeth F 1855 Evergreen Cemetery-South
Stevenson Howard 1889 Norton Methodist Episcopal Church Yard-1