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Searches for any partial or full first name
Surnamesort descending Forename Birth Death Age Age (y.m.d) Burial Date Comment Relation Section Lot Row Grave Burial Cemetery
Aber Katherine 1882 1984 Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Yard-3
Aberle Lida 1880 1973 Frenchtown Cemetery
Aberle Minnie 1854 1913 Frenchtown Cemetery
Aberle John 1835 1902 Frenchtown Cemetery
Aberle Ella 1893 1894 Frenchtown Cemetery
Aberle John 1883 1886 Frenchtown Cemetery
Aberle Lillie 1882 1883 Frenchtown Cemetery
Abigail Robins 18 Sep 1808 12 Jan 1885 son of George Eichlin Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Able Ann Saturday, September 12, 1891 D <4 Prospect Hill Cemetery
Able Frank W. Wednesday, April 14, 1909 D 6 Prospect Hill Cemetery
Able George Wednesday, April 20, 1892 D <4 Prospect Hill Cemetery
Abott George F. W. 25 Aug 1864 son of John S. & Jane S. Amwell Ridge Cemetery
Abraham Sadie Sears Monday, May 10, 1982 K 149W Prospect Hill Cemetery
Abramowski Adam 1884 1972 Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
Abramowski Sophie 1898 1966 Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
Abramski Alice 1912 Allerton Methodist Church Yard
Abramski Joseph 1905 1975 Allerton Methodist Church Yard
Accomando John F. Wednesday, October 6, 1999 T 103 B Prospect Hill Cemetery
Acee Margaret 1860 1948 Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
Aceituno Jensi Saturday, September 5, 2009


F Baby 2 24 Prospect Hill Cemetery
Achenbach infant Tuesday, May 23, 2006 F Baby 28 Prospect Hill Cemetery
Achenbach Thomas Monday, August 30, 2010


F Baby 26 Prospect Hill Cemetery
Ackerman Alice M Hope 1844 1971 Cokesbury Cemetery
Ackerman James P 1879 1961 Cokesbury Cemetery
Ackerman Doris J Buickerood 26 Dec 1815 31-May-93 Spruce Run Cemetery (OLD)